Dead Cells [Xbox One & Series X|S]

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Explore a rouge-like 2D world in an ever increasing diffculty, with no checkpoints, you either kill or die and have to try again. Dead Cells is the challenge you have been waiting for.

[Action, Adventure][PEGI 16] 

Dead Cells is an amazing platformer that brings unparalleled replayability and a lot of room to explore, with hidden passages and room and a story line which you carve based on your choices. Master more than 50 wepeons and skills if you wish to survive the ever changing game and explore the castle that is bound to catch you by surprise at some point!

Enjoy the charming graphics and the amazing music, while you battle your way to survive, learn from your mistakes and try and try again. This game is no easy feat, there is a reason it haas won best action game of the year! It will sure captivate your imagination and be the challenge you are waiting for.

Action, Adventure
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