About Us

We are a professional family-run online business with gaming at our forefront. We love video games, and that's why we want to make a change by selling them.

Our inspiration came from the COVID-19 Crisis - we wanted to provide entertainment for audiences at home without the hassle and risk that came with physical purchases.

Our products are entirely digital, so you can get whatever game you need within a short period of time at a click of a button; there's no hassle involved.

Work for Good

Work for Good is a platform for businesses donating money to charity - we're working with them and their partners to provide funds for charities around the UK.

We believe in giving back to good causes for our environment or to help provide essential support for people experiencing hardship throughout the world, that's why for every sale we make we donate a percentage back to our supported charity through the work for good platform.

Our currently supported charity is Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) - Children and families in Palestine and in Gaza in particular are in dire need for medical support especially after the collapse of many hospitals as a result of continued war and occupation denying essential humanitarian supplies to the people of Gaza. MAP has personals on the ground and is working tirelessly to provide medical support where it is needed. We are proud to support such heroic efforts to save lives.

Please visit our Work for Good profile for more information.

See below for a list of charities we have supported or are currently supporting through Work for Good platform.

Supported Charities

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